Podcast 56

Russia - Mikhail Kozlov


Podcast 55

Denmark - Legend Birger Jorgensen

Special Podcast Release: Joe O'Brien

Joe O’Brien will always be one of the major icons in the world of harness racing. We are offering the random selection of one book The Horseman from Alberton The Story of Harness Driver Joe O’Brien by Marie Hill as a special gift. The draw will take place May 4, 2020.

To be eligible listeners to the show can choose any other driver in harness racing history that they think is also a harness racing icon and give their reasons by going to the Contact section of this website and filling in their Name, Email Address, Subject (Joe O’Brien) and then in the message area, their harness racing icon choice with their reason(s).

Australian Legend Gavin Lang - Podcast 52

Our condolences to the Family and Friends of Gavin Lang. 

April 2020  

Krieau Racetrack, Vienna - Podcast 51